Loyalty Apps

In order for some businesses to provide extra value to their customers they provide loyalty programs. These loyalty programs businesses provide range from the business cards which are hole punched each time you make a purchase, plastic cards which can be scanned or swiped for each purchase, and now, as smartphone use has exploded over the years, loyalty apps are now becoming much more prominent. Loyalty apps can provide benefits to customers in a number of ways.

Customer benefits of loyalty apps:

1. Convenience

All sizes of businesses are using loyalty apps as they replace the need to physically have a loyalty card on your person when making a purchase. As people visit several different places to eat, shop or receive services, it can become hard to keep track and hold on to all of the different cardboard or plastic loyalty cards. Loyalty apps allow the customer to have access to all of the different business’ loyalty programs right in their pockets on their phones.

2. Transparency

Loyalty apps provide transparency in between the offer and the reward. With plastic loyalty cards, the customer cannot track how many purchases they have made, as all data is tracked by the businesses themselves. Having loyalty apps allow customers to see how much they have purchased, and how much more they will have to purchase in order to reap the reward.

3. Creativity and Entertainment

There are a range of different loyalty apps, with different features. For example, the Boost Juice app, which allows the customer to create their own drinks, track how many drinks they need to purchase until they receive a free drink, locate the nearest store, and accrue points to receive further benefits.  Customers being able to create their own drink, or tailor the product to their preference allows for a product suited everyone.

On the other hand, there is the Hungry Jack’s app, which allows customers to play a game on their on their phone in order to receive discount codes, free food, or other deals.

Business benefits of loyalty apps:

1. Understanding customers

Loyalty apps can provide businesses with analytics and data which can help the business understand their customers’ needs, enabling them provide offers to suit these needs. Most apps will allow customers to provide feedback on the products, services or the app itself, and the business can learn from this feedback to improve.

2. Competitive edge

Businesses with loyalty apps can influence customers to make repeat purchases by providing them with the extra benefits as listed prior. From the feedback learned from the analytics and data gathered, businesses can ensure that their app is better than that of their competitors and remain ahead of the pack.

3. Increase sales results and influence buyer behaviour

Every consumer loves a discount, and would love to pay less where they can. As loyalty apps provide customers with not only discounts, but other extra value such as the above example of being able to create their own drink, they will assist in improving sales results.



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