Virtual Reality

For years, people all over the world have dreamed and imagined the possibilities of Virtual Reality, I myself had an idea as a child of its applications it could have in gaming. I pictured sensors on your hands and feet, a helmet and that would be all you would need to immerse yourself in another world from the comfort of your living room. Back in the 90’s the closest thing you could get to VR was a 3D movie, or one of those shooting games in an arcade – home application seemed so far fetched.

In the early 2000’s the next step into gaming was taken as the EyeToy was released for PlayStation 2, which strayed away from the necessity of having a handheld controller, the controller was now your body. Since it was new, what you could do in the games was quite limited, and it still wasn’t the VR experience I was seeking.

Over the last few years, the VR technology industry has been seeing rapid advancement as  computer and mobile technology improved and became more and more accessible to the general public. As smart phones with high-density displays improved, the capabilities and applications of VR have increased dramatically.

Recently companies such as Google and Samsung have released VR products such as the Google Cardboard and the Galaxy Gear, which are DIY headsets that use a smartphone to drive it. I would have imagined that due to this boom in the industry, we would be seeing more applications to gaming as I thought when I was younger. However, VR has been applied in several different areas other than entertainment, such as in the military, education, fashion and business.

Business applications of VR:

  1. Showcasing products

I came across an article the other day posted by Business Insider about implementing the use of VR in businesses for consumers to be able to see products with a 360 degree view. Sometimes when shopping online, I don’t purchase an item because I can’t see every aspect of the product itself, and leaves me unsure as to if the product will satisfy the purpose I need it for. With VR, I would he able to see the size of the product and also every aspect of it.

2. VR in the business itself

An article on Computer World outlined the possibilities of using VR within the business for things such as holding work meetings, giving a virtual tour of the office, interviewing candidates and training employees. With VR, it will be possible to do these things with much more ease, as it diminishes the need for people to have to physically at the office.

Although we’re yet to see a full scale application of VR gaming, the applications of VR are taking off in several different industries, including in business. How do you think VR will impact your life in the near future?


2 thoughts on “Virtual Reality”

  1. Your idea of VR when you were child reminds me of animes where the characters can go into a different dimension or world where they do quests and stuff ( like Sword Art). VR can definitely take off and make things really interesting. I think VR would be more successful in terms of products rather than for advertisements. This is because if there are VR advertisements, I assume that the world would already be using VR technology in order to see these ads. It just sounds super expensive to be honest.


    1. I agree, I can’t wait for the day when VR is implemented on a full scale! For someone as lazy as myself, being able to put on a headset and enter the world as opposed to getting up and leaving the house sounds great hahaha


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