Reactions to marketing; Business to Consumer vs Consumer to Consumer.

In my previous blog post, I spoke about how I was exposed to several pieces of marketing material while trying to watch one simple trailer, but since then I have installed an adblocker on my computer and phone. Since I’ve installed the adblocker, I’ve found that there is (obviously) much less advertising and marketing material that shows up on my social media news feeds, and prevent pop-ups on other sites.

Like any other person, since I’m exposed to marketing material throughout my whole day, I believe that I’ve just grown to not respond to the marketing messages sent from businesses and organisations. While I’m doing my own thing I’d rather not be pressured to buy something, instead, I’d rather just zone out and go through content that I want to see on my own devices.

Installing an adblocking app on my phone has helped me to an extent, however, creative marketers still manage to have their products slip through the cracks and reach my feed. With the adblocker, I’m no longer seeing many direct marketing materials such as banners on the borders of pages, but instead I’m seeing products and other marketing messages conveyed through people’s posts. For example, as I’ve touched on in my last post, there are videos where people create things using the packaging of products, like Coca-Cola bottles, or using Bic lighters.

I believe that these types of videos are becoming more and more prominent, because businesses are becoming more aware of people like myself – people who do not really respond to marketing messages from businesses. To combat this, they’re sponsoring influential figures on social media, and providing them with products to show off for them. This is because consumers tend to respond to consumers more than they do respond to the business.

The benefits that businesses can receive from providing their products for their consumers to show off include;

  1. Influential people on social media have a large reach.

Although businesses themselves have massive reach on digital platforms, how often do consumers look into their posts and actually read them in depth? If a business makes a post on social media, any consumers will see the post as an advert, and simply skip past the post.

  1. Consumers feel like they can trust the influential user, due to the fact that they’re both consumers.

Consumers promoting products of businesses gives off the impression that other people already use the product, therefore it should be safe to use or buy. When a business tries to market a product, many consumers see this as the business trying to attract customers and earn money, whereas when the product is endorsed by a fellow consumer, the product seems safer because another consumer has purchased it and given it a good review.

  1. Marketing messages are more subtle, but more creative.

Traditional marketing techniques such as advertising on a website are not as influential on consumers because most consumers use an adblocker, or the consumer is focusing on the page itself rather than the advertisement. Incorporating products in a video not only exposes the product itself, but it can show the function of the product, and other possible uses.


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