7 Benefits of Marketing on Instagram

In the last post, I wrote a post that expressed my opinion on the use of Instagram marketing from the perspective of a regular, non-fame seeking Instagram user. In this post, I will explore the benefits of utilising the social media platform for small businesses

1. Virtually cost-free marketing

We all understand that Instagram is an app that can be both downloaded for free, and an account may be made for free, therefore allowing literally anyone to make an account for their business, whether it be big or small.

2. Exposure to a large audience

Instagram can be used as a free platform to expose themselves to a vast number of users as posts are not only viewed by followers, but can be seen in the “explore” section of the businesses’ followers’ followers.

3. Enforcement of Brand Identity

Businesses may post pictures that reinforce the brand’s identity and the brands values. For example, a high-end brunch cafe may post well constructed and well thought out photos of “food spreads” across the table.

4. Each employee can have a business portfolio on Instagram.

A tattoo parlour may have one main Instagram account where they post the best of their artists works, however, as Instagram is a free platform, the individual artists themselves may make their own accounts in order to showcase their own works.

5. Marketing through customers

Consumers who attend your business may be encouraged to geo-tag their photos to share with their friends and therefore encourage their followers to also attend.

6. Empowerment of users

As touched on in the previous weeks post, users who have an influence over others may be contacted by the organisation to market and promote their business and their products.

7. Two-way communication

Through the comment section on each individual picture, businesses can interact with their customers and potential customers. Businesses can also like and comment on other user’s pictures. Communication with customers increases engagement and can be used to build and maintain relationships with customers.



2 thoughts on “7 Benefits of Marketing on Instagram”

    1. Thanks for your feedback! I definitely think Instagram is a clever and cost effective way for businesses to market themselves.


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