LinkedIn – Opportunities and professional content, or just another Facebook?

A Canadian freelance Social Media & Content Strategist, Michael Spencer has recently published an article on LinkedIn in regards to the difference between social media and professional social media, and also what kinds of content is posted on both platforms.

As Spencer has said, LinkedIn is a social media platform where professionals search for opportunity, professional value and building a professional network.  Spencer belives that in the past, LinkedIn has been a platform where professional and educational content is produced, and made available for anyone to learn from. However, in recent times, the quality of content on LinkedIn is described by Spencer to be on the decline.

It is argued that the decline in quality comments and content is caused mostly by people being generally too busy or too impatient to read the article, and several comments are based upon the title alone. As LinkedIn is available as a mobile app, many users mainly access the content whilst on their daily commute to University or their workplace.

As mentioned earlier, LinkedIn is designed to be used in a way that people may have access to recent updates and news in their industry, however the content has been changing to resemble more Facebook-like feeds.

Spencer believes that the most prominent culture and content changes to LinkedIn are due to:

  • More spam in messages
  • The posting of Instragram like images
  • An increase of YouTube videos being posted
  • Promotional spam
  • Second hand content – reposts
  • Viral content hacks, and
  • Articles with little or no professional relevace

Spencer seems to believe that the content and culture on LinkedIn is going downhill, is the culture becoming worse? Or is the culture, like all social media cultures, simply evolving to become something else?



2 thoughts on “LinkedIn – Opportunities and professional content, or just another Facebook?”

    1. In my opinion, I don’t believe that the changing content of LinkedIn is necessarily a bad thing. The posts, unlike Facebook, still tend to maintain a professional outlook.
      However if LinkedIn became similar to Facebook where there were minimal useful posts, and mostly memes and videos, I believe that some moderation should take place.
      Also, the content on your personal LinkedIn feed really depends on the groups and individuals you follow.


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